Future Proof Skills

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Future Proof Skills

At CodeInn, we work with several developers, and the hardest roles to fill are always for new and trending technologies. That’s because there are few people with these skills and even fewer that can prove they have commercial experience in them. Part of our job a code school is identifying growing macro trends and then working out ‘if’ and ‘how’ they will affect the skills needed in our developer network. Correctly judging supply and demand is key to our success.

Do not expect that software engineering will be automated any time soon. Neither will UX design for that matter. Both are highly skilled creative jobs and – for now at least – these are safe from automation.

Demand for software engineers is going to continue increasing. We’re on the cusp of several ‘revolutionary’ societal changes. And ALL of these will require software engineers! They will be needed to help us relate with user interfaces (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality), build new infrastructure (Blockchain) and so much more (AI).

Once you have decided that you want to be a software engineer you should consider how best to ‘future proof’ the skills you learn. Studying the wrong languages will negatively impact your income. Older skills are becoming commoditized. Competition here will continue to drive down prices.


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